The Little Red Ridinghood Photoshoot

Every now and then an opportunity comes up to photograph something really different. So when I was approached to photograph an urban Little Red Ridinghood project, I leapt at the chance. This was one of those photoshoots where everything came together smoothly and the combination of location, model, makeup and costume was a winner.


The Project

I was approached to do this photographic shoot because of my portfolio of special effects photography and this shoot would require some heavy photoshop, special effect work. Some of these photos have already been shared in my blog about special effects photography. Initially the photographs were to be in the woods similar to the angelic photoshoot that Professional Photos was commissioned to do in Auckland last year. After working with the director on the concept it was decided that working in an urban environment would have more impact and be more practical for setting up gear. The model knew of a building we could use and the majority of the shoots were done in the garage area.



I did not manage to get a chance to scout out the location in any real detail before we started the shoot which is quite unusual as I like to roughly work out what shots will be taken where. It pays to prepare and to be organized so that you can make the most of everyone’s time who is involved. Through experience, I have found that setting up a shot only to have it not really work is an expensive process.


The Model

I love photographing fascinating people and for some reason. I find Goths and Cyber Goths a pleasure to work with and they always make for really intense and interesting photographs. Delia has the look, and she was totally in her element on this shoot. Thanks for your amazing effort on this shoot and best of luck for the future!


Technical (Lighting)

These photos were taken with a set of up to three strobes on stands which were triggered remotely. The majority of shots only used two. In terms of Canon equipment, I mostly used 2 580exii flash units and also a 430exii for extra fill light if needed. I did allow a certain amount of ambient light into the photos which gave the images a bit of a warm feel due to the tungsten light. Experiment with your strobes and see what height, direction and modifiers work best and you can get some amazing results with some pretty simple equipment.
I used an umbrella to diffuse the main light and had it quite close to the model in several of the photographs. In some shots, I did not use the umbrellas and shot with the main light to give a harsher, more intense feel. Also in several of the photographs, I used a snoot to create a pool of light in the background.



So you don’t have to know a lot about photoshop or post production to create your own amazing themed photographs. Costume up and choose a good location and have fun taking some interesting and different photos. Just take the time and give it a try and pay particular note of what light works best for you. If you want some one to take the photos for you, Professional Photos can come up with a range of ideas. You could look like whoever you want to look like, if we do the photoshoot for you. Contact Karl at Professional Photos today to discuss your ideas.


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