Studio photos of a cheeky cheerleader

Recently Professionalphotos did a photoshooot of a cheerleader out of Auckland. I have photographed this personality before and it is always a fun photoshoot, due to her sense of humour. You can check out her previous photoshoots, which were a great Autumn session in amazing light and a night shoot with fireworks in the background.

two photos of a girl dancing in a hippo onesy


a close up photo of a girl holding a cat

a photo of a girl in a hippo onesy

This studio photoshoot was fun as expected and I was expecting to photograph a cheerleader, but out came a happy hippo. She was wearing a hippo onsey and we worked with that for a while, getting some comical images. It worked out that she had her cheer uniform on under the hippo outfit.

a studio photo of a cheerleader jumping

a photo of a cheerleader with her medals

A cheerleader flicks her hair

It is such a great pleasure photographing repeat clients and seeing kids grow up before the camera is quite an experience. Especially when you go back over photographs from only a few years ago and you realise how quickly they grow up. It is so important to preserve your memories and to capture their journey growing up. Don’t hesitate! Grab your camera out today and photograph your kids… or book a session with Karl at Professionalphotos and let the memories and fun begin!


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