Special Effects Photography

Photographs that make you stand out

With an insane amount of photographs and images online, how can you make a photograph of yourself stand out from the rest? Special effects photography might be the answer! The hardest part is coming up with a great concept that is different to what people are used to seeing. Imagine having a Facebook profile picture where your friends simply ask “how on earth did you do that”? It is all possible with the use of lighting, photo trickery and a little Professional Photos digital manipulation.

The Falling Man

falling man photo special effects

I wanted this photograph to look as if I was falling out of the light and was about to hit the earth. This photograph took quite a bit of planning and I also needed the right location that would not have any other light that could be a distraction. Living in Auckland, it can be quite hard to find a location that has almost no light interference. We drove out to the location and set up on a gravel road. There was quite a bit of lighting gear to set up and the camera and tripod were in the middle of the road. I had my assistant pose and I set up the shot using them as a focus reference point. My assistant then operated the camera and the flash light so I could get into position. Unfortunately mid shoot, a car came down the road and we had to move all of the gear until the car had passed and then reset up. It took just over an hour and it was an amazing fun shoot.

Little Red Ridinghood

little red ridinghood photo selection special effectsThese photographs were taken a few years ago and had a Little Red Ridinghood Theme. The model has a nick name which is “Poisonous Acid” so I thought a shot of her touching a wall and making the paint peel at her touch would be interesting. Getting the cracks looking realistic was quite a task but she was very pleased with the result. The wolf photograph is an urban statement about how if Little Red Ridinghood was alive today, the situation may have taken on a whole different perspective. Finally the ball of light photograph was an idea about a little magic with a big impact!

The Burning Tattoo Man

man with burning tattoos

I had been thinking about this concept for some time and decided to bring it to life. The lighting was a bit of a challenge as I had to think about flames, and how they would act if this was really happening. I then set up the lights in a way that would look convincing but also knowing that I would be doing much more work to the photograph in post production. I had to research tattoos and also how metal burns, and then mix the two together. The flames were a particular challenge and I ended up using a combination of found images off the internet. Overall I am very pleased with the result and I have had amazing feedback on the photograph.

How about you give it a go

If you want to stand out from the crowd and you have an idea, contact me at Professional Photos and let’s work out how we can bring your idea to life. I also have quite a few good concepts that you could choose from. If you have a hobby, personal interest or fascination, contact me and let’s talk about how we can set up a photographic shoot and make you look simply amazing!

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