Portrait Photographs of a Girl Blowing Bubbles

Photos of a Summer Sunset with a Girl blowing bubbles! So cute!

It has been said that you should never work with children or animals when taking photographs. That is possibly because they are easily distracted and also you cannot work with them for very long. Oh but the rewards, in terms of beautiful photographs, are priceless! Portraits outside, around Auckland have the potential to be so breathtaking because there are so many amazing locations. Pick one of the many great locations, and you have the beginnings of truly Professional Photos. The only drawback is the changeable weather.


A bit last minute

I had been puzzling how to photograph a child in a way that would keep them occupied, be fun and also get professional results. Kids love to play, and often when photographing children, if it is fun, you will get genuine, happy pictures. This particular girl is really cute and I guessed that she would enjoy blowing bubbles. It was a nice clear hot day and I rang her Mum and set up the shoot quite last minute as I had a sudden opening. We shot out to a local beach, and found the right spot that had a reasonably dark background, but still had sunlight streaming in. The key is that the background does need to be dark otherwise you can’t really see the bubbles very clearly.

girl on swing

When we arrived the little girl saw the playground in the park and wanted to have a swing. Remember that you have to make the photo shoot fun, so I suggested we spend a little time on the playground so that she would not feel like she was missing out, and we could always go over there again when the portrait session was over. This was also an opportunity to get some great photos just playing around, and a chance to let her warm up to the camera.

a girl getting ready to blow bubbles

This particular wee person is quite head strong, so we did have to resort to a little bribery to get her to sit down in the sun and blow the bubbles. If she was standing, she would have been very hard to photograph. Also a suggestion, is to find a spot sheltered from the wind if you are trying this. That way the bubbles float around nicely and give you more time to get some nice photographs.



One thing that never seems to get old, is the wonder and amazement of little children. The look on her face, when she saw that she had created little bubbles, was priceless and I waited for the right moment to capture her expressions. The photo below really says it all.

A girl looks on at her bubbles in wonder

a girl blowing bubbles

Finally I did get photos of Mum and big sister joining in. When you do a portrait session, it is important to create memories as well as great photos. I then heard from the Mother a few days later, saying that the “little one” was still talking about that day and most importantly, the ice cream we all had at the end.
Yep you got it! Ice cream is an excellent currency for bribes!

big sister also making bubbles


I hear so many people talking about how children grow up so fast, and I agree. Your child will never be as young again, as they are right now. So take this opportunity to book in a portrait session, to capture them in their youthful innocence. Contact me about either a portrait session, which is a sitting fee and you pay for what images you want, or a Professional Photos Package Deal.
In this crazy, busy world, try and take some time to hang out with your children. Grab out your camera, and take some photos of them. Also make it fun and let them take photos of you. Get outside and enjoy this summer right now, and you will have some photos of your own to look back on, during those colder Winter evenings.
Have fun!

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