Portrait Photographs and Drinks

Portrait and Street Photography in Auckland City

I love photographing in the Auckland Central City because there is always so much going on. You can simply walk the streets and if you have the right eye, you can get some of the most professional and amazing photographs, and you can meet the strangest, most interesting people. And then you can photograph them.

I arranged to meet up with a close friend who I have known for quite a few years, and he is a drummer in a few up and coming bands. We did a quick shoot in a small bar in the city and then walked the streets for a bit of inspiration. Here are some of the photos from the evening in the form of a small photo essay on Chris and also the city at night.

Stop Signs Photo

Someone in the city has a great sense of humour and for the next 30 minutes or so I was singing both of these stupid songs. While I was photographing, people actually then noticed the two signs at the intersection and stopped and had a laugh. Isn’t that strange that many people simply walk by some really crazy funny stuff. Pays to look up once in a while… especially if there are birds flying overhead.


a glass of beer

Man looking out window in bar

a glass of juice from above

scenes from auckland city

a man juggles at night in auckland cityThe black and white image above does require a bit of an explanation. This is a gentleman from Belgium who was quite handy with juggling. The great thing is as soon as he saw my camera, he got all nervous and his juggling game fell apart. He lit up a cigarette to help himself focus and he was away. Awesome, funny guy who was quite happy for me to pose him in the weirdest light I could find. Thanks for the great photos my friend and I hope you maintain a good grip on your balls!


man smoking at night


Photographing your friends is a great place to start if you want to get better at taking photographs. We all had to start somewhere and even though I work on a professional level, I still try to take time out to photograph friends. Because your friends are most often not paying customers, they usually allow you to experiment so that when you are with paying customers, you can achieve better results. Try to be creative by looking for different angles and look for details about the person you are photographing. Try to not capture just a picture but try to tell a story about that person.

Photographic shoots on location are my specialty so if you have a place that is special to you or you simply want to look like you are a movie star or celebrity, contact me today and arrange a location photographic shoot. You will be amazed with the results and you will have memories captured for a life time. You can check out some other location photographs in the Portraits section of this site.
Till next time!

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