Photos of Sunrise at Wharf with Foggy Surprise

I have been wanting to take some sunrise photographs at an Auckland beach location over the summer. This location has a great wharf and a beautiful view, so that combination should surely be a winner in my landscape photography. I attempted to photograph this location several times, each time getting up before sunrise to drive out to this spot. Each time I was rewarded with nothing special, even though everything looked good on the weather forecast. This is a little discouraging and it took some perseverance to finally capture a sunrise that was worth the journey. Wharf SunRise001wharf deck sunrise

From the different views that are displayed, you can see that I worked the location. This means not only picking one spot and sticking with that, but moving around, changing perspective and trying to look at the scene in a way that might be different to the way that someone else would look at it. This is important in photography, because that means that you create unique work that is not the same as someone who just turns up with their phone and takes snaps. There is quite a process in creating this type of art, from lens and filter choices, to exposure and aperture settings. I try to create something that can’t be replicated easily by someone with a phone or even another camera.

Wharf Sunbeams

Under the Wharf

On the way out to the coast it was very foggy and I was hoping that the fog would hang around after the sunrise, which would enable me to drive to several other locations and take mist/fog photographs. These are some of my favorite types of landscape photos. To my surprise and joy, even while I was photographing the sunrise, mist started to roll out along the coast and I managed to work hard and fast to create some beautiful images.

Mist Beach Hills

Church Fog

Beach FogSmall town fogFinally, there is a local waterfall that I have photographed many times, that I thought might look great in the fog. I drove to the waterfall but the fog was starting to clear a little and also the wind blast from the waterfall possibly helped to clear the mist. I still managed to photograph the scene so that it had a unique feel and I was happy with the results. The crazy thing is, the next few days after this little adventure, it poured with rain. I believe that Auckland had a month worth of rain in less than 24 hours and here is a photo (that I did not take) of the falls just a few days later.

Misty WaterfallOverflowing Waterfall

Remember to get out and explore if you are a photographer! Sometimes getting out of bed early pays off and being persistent certainly does. If you like any of these images, they are available for purchase so please contact Professionalphotos for a quote.


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