Model Portfolio Shoot

Photo of a model in a bikini against a wall

a model in leopard skin bikini posing by a window and door

An existing client approached me to update her portfolio. We were a little challenged for time so there was no opportunity to scout out a great Auckland location. If you want to have the most professional results when taking portfolio photos, a great location makes all the difference. The easy option would be to shoot in the studio, but I try and use that as a last resort unless it is a client requirement. I feel that good location adds to the depth of the photographs, and people relate to the images better because most of us do not live life in a studio.

a model in leopard skin bikini posing by a window

a model in leopard skin bikini posing by a window and sitting on a couch

We found a place which was not the best, but would give adequate results for the time we had. The portfolio shoot was a load of fun and went quite well. I mostly used a one light set up, as this is quick to move around, and is less intimidating for the model. For some shots, I did have to use a fill light, just for a little extra punch. I am also a great fan of using ambient light if it is good quality, so the final results are a nice mix of lighting sources.

a model in a studio pose

a model in leopard skin bikini leaning on a wal

Thanks for a great shoot Nikita, and good luck with your modelling ambitions.

Professional Photos is available for fashion, editorial and portfolio photography. Perhaps you want to build up a look book for yourself, or you just want to look like a model out of a magazine. Have a look through the Fashion Page on this site to see what is possible, or contact Professional Photos with your own ideas.
Photographers, if you want to learn some tips and tricks in lighting, contact Karl who is available for tutorials. Or if you are a keen photographer, you can just give it a go yourself. Try out different light set ups and modifiers and see what works best for you. And most of all, remember to take lots of photos and also to have fun!

model in leopard skin bikini laying on the floor

model leaning against a door

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