Mist photography with not much mist

The mist didn’t really turn up but the moon did

Driving back from a friends place one night I saw the most amazing ground mist and unfortunately it was a little too late to rustle up a crew and the gear for that night so I planned to hit it the following evening. I put a shout out to the usual models but none were available at such short notice so my friends James and I went out anyway and I would set up the shoot and he would help. Then we would get take turns in posing. I really wanted to get some good portrait shots with the mist swirling in the background.

We arrived on location and the ground was soaking. We walked across paddocks and fields and ended up getting rather muddy but we were having fun anyway but the mist was no where to be seen. Finally after driving for a while we found some ground mist down by a swamp so as usual the set up was done in a hurry just in case conditioned changed. We shot with one flash off to the side on a tripod. Initially we set up with another flash behind the model but it really didn’t want to fire (probably too far away for the radio signal) and by that time the moon had come out.


We shot for about 30 minutes getting some great photos and we then decided to go out to the coast before the moon got too high. When we got there the sight was breath taking. No wind so the water was reflective perfection and the lighting was stunning. Another quick set up and we shot off some beautiful landscapes while enjoying the view… and a bit of a drink. We are so lucky to have some very nice spots reasonably close and this was one of those occasions that didn’t quite go as planned but everything just seemed to work anyway.

The landscapes are shot with my trusty 24-105mm F.4 lens. The iso was around 400 and the aperture was as open as it could go without compromising the light. From memory I believe it was at about f5.6 to f8.0.

Prints are available of the landscapes.


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