Fun Studio Photos with Happy Sisters

Recently I had the opportunity to photograph some sisters in the Professionalphotos studio set up and this was a real joy. One of the key things about any portrait photos is to try and have fun. This means that as a photographer, you have to make your subjects feel comfortable and then be able to bring out the mischievous in them.

Personally, I believe that your standard formal photos that you would normally have done in a studio, are only the start. This is because formal is such a very small part of our lives and people generally want to remember themselves having fun and not posing. So I usually start with a few formal photos and then quickly move onto the good stuff.

These two relaxed into themselves nice and quick and as a result, we had an awesome time and got some epic photos. And here at Professionalphotos, it is all about EPIC! If you want to look like you are straight out of a magazine… contact Professionalphotos today.

Enjoy this great set and have a Merry Christmas!

Sisters lying on studio floor

studio portrait of a girl

a girl jumping


one sister giving the other a piggy back

Two Girls having an arm wrestle

studio portrait of a girl close up

3 photos of girls on seats

girl pretending to take a photo


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