Edgy Urban Style Family Photos

Here at Professionalphotos, edgy is what we do the best and the chance to take some family portraits that look as if they are straight off a music album cover, is so much fun. Once again I was approached by one of my repeat clients in Auckland, to do some family portraits with a difference.

dreamy Couple

We started the photoshoot in a park and did the usual nice family photos, just to make sure that we had all of our bases covered. After a load of fun in the park, giving the kids time to play and taking some magical photos of them while having fun, we set off to a location that I had previously scouted.

a portrait of a family posing in urban style a portrait of a bald guy posing in urban style a portrait of a boy posing in urban style

We had to be there at the right time of day to get the best results and even though I had to work very fast because of the changing light, the results are just what we were after. Also everyone had loads of fun in the process. There is nothing like acting like a star and then getting your photos back, and you look like a star.

a portrait of a girl standing and leaning in urban style a portrait of a family walking towards the camera in urban style a portrait of a boy posing on a swing in urban style

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