Angelic Concept Shoot

Something a little different!

Professional Photos was approached by a producer who had created a track and who wanted to apply for funding to create the music video. My friend Jo had done the vocals on the track and she has modeled for me previously, so I decided that I would work with the team on the conceptual photos.

The narrative is about a journey through some dark places to the light and I can’t really give too much away, but the shoot was organized to take place in a forest and the images needed to look like they were taken at night. Yes you read it right, THIS SHOOT HAPPENED IN DAYLIGHT. This would be quite an undertaking as I would have to knock out much of the ambient light and use portable lighting to set the scene.

The shoot lasted about 5 hours and a big thanks again to my assistant Gareth. We used a large range of lighting set ups and also shot in many locations with very challenging conditions. Jo also did really well and despite it being very cold, she managed to keep it together so we managed to capture some great images.

Rather than go into detail about every photo, I will focus on one which took a bit of time to set up and light. The idea is that the character is about to be lifted up, and is standing in a waterfall of light, so lighting needed to reflect this.


I started lighting from the rear, working with getting a pleasing rim light around the models head. Once this was in place, I then placed a light above, and to the front of the model to give the effect of light from the sky. Finally I lit the model from the front, with a fill light to smooth out any of the hard shadows from the other light sources.


It was so cold that her breath was visible in the photos so that gave me an idea. We all breathed nice and heavy creating a fog effect around the model just before I would take the photo which ended up adding that extra “something”.
Once I had a selection of exciting photos to choose from, I got into post-production. The rest of the effect was created in Photoshop and here is a small version of the final image.


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