Comparison between a Camera in Manual versus Automatic mode

Take your camera off Automatic  and get better results

I have been told on many occasions that my camera takes beautiful photos. This is quite a compliment but it is perhaps a little misguided because, while my camera does take very nice photos, it is more the person operating the camera that gets the results.


Let me explain. You may have the best guitar in the world sitting in your room, but if you have never taken time to master that guitar, you are not going to get the best out of it. It is the same with getting professional photos from your camera. If you want to get the best out of your gear, you need to take time to learn what your camera can do.

Automatic Mode

This is a great place to start and your camera is very smart in assessing the lighting and working out what is the best exposure for any given situation. The problem is that your camera is not smart enough to get everything perfect. It just settles for “close enough” and often that means your photos will not be professional master pieces. Granted that on occasion the camera does get everything right and you might have a photo that will last a life time. But what if almost every photograph you took was like that? It is time to step up the game, take a chance, and put that camera into manual mode.


I will explain how to operate your camera in manual in another blog entry, or you can do a search online and read many other great articles on how to do this. What I want to do, is show the difference between manual and automatic modes and perhaps why you would employ a photographer to get consistently good results.

Manual Mode

The photographs above show the difference between manual and automatic and I have also used a flash on camera for the photos. The gear is the same for each shot and I have not used any extra equipment. Simply the camera with the flash mounted on the top. There are no adjustments to exposure in Photoshop to these images.


The manual mode photos have more life and depth. They can be more soft and flattering for your subject because light is not being blasted directly at them. In automatic mode, the flash is on ETTL which means the camera controls how much light is being pushed out. In manual mode, the flash is being controlled by me, which means I control the amount of light it is putting out and also where that light is going.


In the battle of photographer (manual mode) versus camera (automatic mode) it is obvious that the manual photos are much better. Years of experience mean that I can get results that a camera by itself could never achieve. You too can get those results if you want to put in the time to learn how. Or you could simply arrange a portrait session and see some amazing photographs of yourself or your family. Contact me and book your session today!

Here are some more kitteh photographs, just because he is cute!

Kitten in a tunnel

Kitten looking up

Kitten peeping out of a hole

Enjoy and see you next week with another exciting blog entry!

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