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Photographers often work with other photographers and this a great time to talk about equipment and ideas. The big benefit is that if one photographer has bought some new gear, another photographer can assess that equipment, ...

Photos of a Photographer and Review of the Sigma 50mm F1.4 Art lens

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How does this camera stack up in the field I was looking for a second camera to use on jobs, mainly so I wouldn’t be wasting time swapping over lenses while on a photographic shoot. Not changing lenses on location ensures ...

A Review of the Canon 6D Camera Body


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Major Problems with a Brand New 7D So I bought a new backup DSLR and I went for the crop sensor 7D as I thought the crop would give me a little extra zoom than I get on my full frame. Also I have a nice 10-22 that was not ...

Canon 7D problems. Is the 7D a waste of money?

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