Canon 7D problems. Is the 7D a waste of money?

Major Problems with a Brand New 7D

So I bought a new backup DSLR and I went for the crop sensor 7D as I thought the crop would give me a little extra zoom than I get on my full frame. Also I have a nice 10-22 that was not being used and I thought it could be a way to use one of my fav lenses again. Boy was I wrong!

I picked up my brand new 7D and set the focus to center which is pretty much what I do on most of my cameras, for best results for my style. I started with some test shots and immediately noticed there was quite a bit of noise in the photos and the focus didn’t seem to want to play ball.


I thought that was a little strange so I doubled checked my focus settings, my ISO settings and my lenses. Everything was set per usual so I completed another set of test shots. This time in bright sunlight. The noise factor varied in the shots and shooting at 100 ISO, I was disturbed by the amount of noise. Also the focus seemed soft. I changed the focus settings and just could not seem to get the photos looking sharp. So that was it! Camera went back for checking. Two weeks later it came back from Canon and the factory settings had been reset. I was assured the camera was working correctly so once again I tested it. It seemed ok, so like an idiot, I used it on two paying shoots as a back up. When I checked the photos from those shoots, they were very average with some photos, not in focus and all had excessive noise.

I finally decided to do a test/comparison with my trusty 40D using the same settings as the 7D. I set up the shoot and when I compared the photos I was rather disappointed with the results, with the 40D clearly outshining the 7D. There was no way that this should happen.

7D_fail_002 7D_fail_001a 7D_fail_001b

I then did an internet search and found out that the 7D has known issues and there may be a class action brewing against Canon due to focus and noise problems on the 7D. I am not going to post a link, but all you need to do is a web search for “Canon 7D problems”, and you will find pages and pages of reading.

That was it for my 7D… GOODBYE!

Many people swear by their 7D’s but I am one of the many who found it to be practically unusable and not much more than an expensive paper weight. My advice is to test thoroughly before you buy if possible.

UPDATE… 10.12.2013

This was too good not to share.

Interesting that towards the end of the article someone else has concluded that the Canon 40d has better image quality than the 7D

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