Amazing Aerial Performer Photoshoot

I was approached here at Professional Photos by J who is an Aerial Performer with the Dust Palace. They do amazing routines and are a really talented bunch of people. A photoshoot that has something different about it, is what Professional Photos specializes in and so the arrangements for the shoot were made.

a photo of a girl posing sitting on a chair

I asked a film maker to come along to the photoshoot and record the event so hopefully in the near future, the footage will be edited and shared so you can see the shoot in action.

4 photos of a pretty girl posing against a white wall

This was a very difficult project because we were photographing in a gym with white walls. The first thing to do was to underexpose the photos so that they looked as close to completely dark as possible. This was achieved by having a higher aperture which also meant that all parts of the photo were in good focus. Then we had to build up the lighting one strobe at a time, taking care to make sure that light did not spill out where it should be. We had to use multiple strobes and it was a delicate balance to get enough light, yet control the shadows and dark areas.

a photo of a girl hanging on silks doing aerial performance
Kudos to J who was very patient while the lighting was being set up. Also once we started to photograph, she had to work very hard to control her motions and these artistic prints are a tribute to her strength, skill and beauty.

4 photos of a pretty girl hanging on silks doing an aerial performancea photo of a girl balancing on a chaira photo of a pretty girl hanging on silks doing an aerial performance

Enjoy and if you have an idea that is unique or different or you simply want artistic prints that look like they are out of a movie or a magazine, contact Professional Photos to talk about your ideas.

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