A Retro Editorial Model Photoshoot in an Old House

Photographing in Cramped Spaces

A while back I did a photo shoot for an amazing client. The brief involved taking photos of a model in an old house and getting some very unusual shots. The house was quite cramped and we really did not have much room to work in so I had to get quite close in. This is not general practice when photographing models, because the closer you get, the more distorted the photographs look which is really not the most professional result. In a future blog I might go into the characteristics of lens distortion in detail, and how you can use these characteristics to your advantage. However I just wanted to share some of the photographs from that shoot as they have a bit of an edgy feel to them.

Main Doll Photo

a selection of photos of a girl in a corset

Girl in old style clothes

This was a fun shoot with lots of jokes and good laughs and a big thanks to the Model Christy, Devine for the makeup, and also to my assistant Gareth.

Enjoy and check back next week for another exciting blog entry!

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