A Fun Night at a Beer Pong Event

A friend of mine manages a Bar in Auckland and they are currently running a Beer Pong competition. Professional photos was asked to come through and capture the evenings festivities and also to join in the fun.

Photos of people at a bar

Photos of people in costume at a bar



The bar setting is usually quite a tough environment to photograph because there is not much light. Also bouncing a flash off a ceiling or wall to get even, diffuse light, is not normally possible. Most bars and clubs do not have light coloured ceilings, because that would reduce the effectiveness of the lighting. Also often the ceilings are quite high so by the time your flash travels up there and back to your subject, the intensity is reduced to almost unusable.




So what is the solution?

You could fire your flash directly at your subjects but that is very unflattering light. I have a light modifier on my flash which diffuses the light and I point the flash directly up so the light bounces off the modifier and then hits the subject. What modifier you use is up to you but I find something that is not too big or clumsy is best in a crowded bar where you can be bumped and pushed.





Finally I use a wide angle lens because you often don’t have much space. this does some strange distortion to people in the photographs so use this to your advantage. If you want a nice portrait, try not to be too close and make sure the person is in the centre of the frame. Apart from that, the wide angle can create some fun and freaky photos so play around.

Here are some images from the evening and enjoy!





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