7 Costumes in 4 hours – Studio Photos of a Dancing Girl

It has a busy time here at Professionalphotos and there have been some very exciting projects underway which have involved getting out of Auckland so keep your eyes on the site for more updates. In amongst the business, I had the opportunity to once again photograph a repeat client. This little dancer has grown up and I am proud to say that Professionalphotos have taken some beautiful photos through the years. Have a look through the portrait section here for some older photos. It is amazing to see how her confidence and skills have improved so much with her dancing and also in life so I just had to share this beautiful set of photographs.

Photo of a dancing girl staring intensely at the camera

Photo of a dancing girl posing

Photo of a dancing girl with her foot on her heaThe photoshoot was taken in the studio and I used the standard 2.7 white paper background. This is quite a large backdrop which enabled the dancer to move around freely. The problems with the large area is that it was hard to light evenly. For this sort of photo shoot, I would normally use two elinchrom bx500ri’s and have a large Octobox (softbox) as the main light source. This set up didn’t quite work as because the background area was so large, I was getting a bit of a hot spot in the middle. I ended up using 3 Canon 580ex Speedlight flash units instead and the extra light on the background kept things under control. I have to say that it is always a pleasure working with the speedlites in a strobist application. They are just so beautifully portable.

Photo of a dancing girl doing a twisted moved

Photo of a dancing girl putting her finger to her lip

Photo of a dancing girl pointing

Photo of an aggressive dancing girlThe results were stunning and it helps that the model had so many great costume changes and there was no shortage of very unique looking poses. This is a photographers dream and I believe there were 7 outfits which were photographed over 4 hours. Apologies that only 5 are displayed here. This was quite the effort and by the end of the photoshoot, both the model and the photographer were very tired. But the results!

Photo of a dancing girl

Photo of a dancing girl relaxed

Photo of a dancing girl doing a kick moveSummary

The great thing about photography is that there is always more to learn. If you feel like you have mastered it, you are possibly not pushing yourself to be more creative. I have to say that I learnt more doing this photoshoot and in particular I am now going to use a stylist for these kind of sessions. A stylist can pick up and correct things that the photographer can miss such as hair getting messed up or makeup that needs retouching even down to clothing that needs to be repositioned. The great thing is that the money you spend on using a good stylist is saved when you come to retouching at the end of the process. If there is no hair, makeup or clothing to retouch, the post production process is so much quicker.
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