5 Reasons Not To Work With ICE

What I learned about working with Ice

Well that is easy! Unless it is landscape and you are photographing some epic scene in the great New Zealand outdoors, don’t work with ice.

Ok thanks for reading and have a great December!

Not quite the blog I was planning to write, but I really could stop there, but let’s get into the story as it happened. I was creating an image based on the bourbon/whiskey joke about the drink being “the soup of the day” with H2.0 croutons. However, the H2.0 croutons gave me soooo much grief that I don’t think I will ever use them again. The lesson that I have learned is that when photographing drinks, or anything else with Ice in it, use fake Ice Cubes. Why would you need to do this?

  1. The ice melts fast and because of this, your drink becomes watered down fast.
  2. The ice makes the side of the glass fog up so you can’t see the liquid and the more you wipe the glass, the more smeared it becomes.
  3. The ice moves as it melts so you have to photograph fast especially if the ice is suspended in liquid.
  4. You have to go through a few cubes to find the better looking ones and they don’t stay good looking for long… a bit like me really.
  5. You have to be close to where the ice is or transport it in a cooler and that is just not fun.

Seriously! It is just easier to find some fake ice cubes online, or in a $2 dollar store, if you have those close to you. You will save yourself quite a bit of time and effort learning from my mistakes. So enjoy the image and check out Professionalphotos (profotos) on instagram!

a glass of bourbon with ice cube

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